Watch: Arnel Pineda sings ‘You’re the Inspiration’ with Chicago on stage

Manila, Philippines - Arnel Pineda who rose to international fame after becoming a Youtube sensation and now as a front man of the band Journey, entertained Filipinos when he was invited to sing with the band Chicago.

On January 20, Wednesday, Pineda wowed the audience at a Chicago concert in Araneta Coliseum when he went up the stage and belted out the Chicago hit "You're the inspiration."

"Some guys only need one word for his first name," Chicago founder Robert Lamm said whilst introducing Pineda. "Such is this man. His name is Arnel."

And the crowd went wild with joy.

Pineda who wore a red V-neck shirt and black vest, can be seen very comfortable on stage and, before he exited the scene, exclaimed "I love these guys" as a farewell.

Watch: Filipina Charms All Four Coaches At The Blind Audition of "The Voice US"

Three-chair turner Amy Vachal made it through the blind auditions of the 9th season of The Voice after making an impact to all four judges with her amazing rendition of the classic "Dream A Litte Dream of Me."

Coaches Blake Shelton, Pharell, and Gwen Stefani immediately pressed their buttons after Vachal finished the first verse of the song. 

"Please Lord! Please pick me," Blake was heard saying. After the performance, Blake compared Vachal to Norah Jones and Colbie Caillat. 

"Thank you for bringing what you do in our show," Blake added.

Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine didn't turn, explaining that his team is full. If not, he would turn around first.

When she was asked who she'll pick as her coach, the Pinay singer chose Pharell.

Trivia: Vachal is a niece of Cebu third district Representative Gwendolyn Garcia.

Elizabeth Ramsey passes away at 83

The "Queen of Philippine Rock and Roll" and "Original Queen of Comedy" popularly known as Elizabeth Ramsey, passed away in her sleep, her daughter Jaya confirms on a facebook post Thursday. She was 83.

"Mama Beth Ramsey is now with our Lord... 83 years has been full. Love and daughter, she has given not just our family but the whole nation."
"Thank you for your love and prayers and I rejoice because she passes in her sleep. In peace. In God's loving arms. Bye, Mama, until we meet again. I love you forever," she added.

Photo: GMA 7

Ramsey was known for her Visayan-accented dialogue and her funny gestures. She rose to fame after winning in 1958 the singing contest in Student Canteen, the first noontime show on Philippine television.

She was survived by her three children on her first marriage, and her daugther Jaya, a Filipina recording artist.

Source: GMA News

Heatwarming Photo of a Syrian Girl Playing with the Danish Cop Goes Viral

After the photo of a dead Syrian boy washed ashore went viral, another heart-rending photo is also being noticed by people around the world.

Fortunately, it is not of a dead child but that of Syrian refugee girl playing with the Danish police officer. 

The report said that the girl was trying to guess in which hand the Danish police was holding his wedding ring. Many people are touched with the genuine happiness the girl felt, making her forget even just for a while the traumatic experience her family and her people are facing.

Photo: Claus Fisker/Scanpix Denmark

"The picture shows that even though we have a task we must solve, we are also dealing with people who are in a different situation that nobody wants to be in.

We have to deal with children who have experienced a lot of things and who have traveled far, so if we can make life a little easier for them, as in the pictures, then it's worth it. It does not cost anything," said Police Assistant Commissioner Knud Reinholdt to Danish newspaper BT.

Rude Bus Conductor draws irks from netizens for his disrespectful comments to passengers

A bus conductor draws irks from netizens following a Facebook post about him as rude and disrespectful to passengers even to an elderly woman. 

In her years of taking the bus, Facebook user Lei Layne said she saw multiple times bus conductors arguing with passengers, but this bus conductor was a totally different individual.

"Yes, there are rude passengers too because the conductors are rude as well. Even drivers join the argument sometimes," said Layne.

"But this bus conductor is different from all that I saw. Even those that are quite and talk nicely are being disrespected," Layne added.

If there are hugot lines from others, here are some from our guy.

"Buy a vehicle of your own so you won't take the bus," said the infamous bus conductor to one of the passengers who asked if she can get off the bus. 

"Lady in red, get off the bus rather than blocking the way."

Here's the complete post of Miss Layne.

Pasikatin natin si Kuya! Bastos, walang modo, pati matanda pinapatulan. Sa ilang taon na sumasakay ako ng bus, ilang beses akong nakakita ng nag aaway na pasahero at kundoktor. Oo, may bastos na pasahero rin, dahil bastos rin ang kundoktor, kung minsan pati driver nakikisawsaw.

Pero iba ang kundoktor na ito sa lahat ng nakita ko! pati mga pasaherong nananahimik, at maayos na nakikipag usap, binabastos!

1. May bababang pasahero, ilang uli na pumara hanggang sa sumisigaw na hindi pa rin humihinto ang bus. Lumagpas na sila sa bababaan nila, di makalabas dahil walang madaanan sa sikip at dami ng pasahero.

"Boss, pwedeng bumaba?!" sumagot ang kundoktor, "Bumili ka ng sasakyan mo! para dka sumasakay ng bus!" ang layo ng sagot ni kuya! bumaba ang pasahero. Hindi na sumagot.

2. Sinigawan si nanay na nakatayo sa loob ng bus, "Babaeng nakapula! Bumaba ka na lang kesa nakaharang ka jan!"

Ilang beses hindi pinansin ni nanay ang bastos na kundoktor. Hindi tinantanan ni kuya hanggang sa sumagot na si nanay. "Bakit mo ko pababain nakasakay na ko! intindihin nyo ang pasahero, hindi puro kita nyo na lang iniisip nyo"

"Ganon talaga pag makulit ang pasahero!" sagot ng kundoktor na bastos.

Ilang ulit sinigawan ni kuya si nanay para bumaba. Ilang ulit na rin sila nagsagutan.

Baka mahuli daw sila ng overloading kaya pilit nyang (kundoktor) sinisiksik ang mga pasahero papasok ng bus. Para nga naman hindi mukhang puno sa harapan!

Sabi ni nanay, "wag kang mag papasok! puno na pasakay ka pa rin ng pasakay!"

"Tara dito, bumaba ka na lang! pwedeng bumaba kesa nakaharang ka jan!"

3. Bago pa sila mag away ni nanay. Siningil ako ng pamasahe, hindi ako makapagbayad sa sikip ng bus, nakakapit ako, dahil alam naman natin na mahirap tumayo sa loob ng bus habang uuga uga habang umaandar ang bus at siksikan. "Teka lang kuya, hindi ako makakuha ng pamasahe"

pagkatapos nila mag away ni nanay, tinapik ako ng bastos na kundoktor sa balikat. "Pamasahe! Kanina pa eh!"

Bwisit na ko sa kanya habang nakikipag sagutan sya kay nanay, kaya agad ko syang sinagot "Bastos ka ah! umayos ka ng ugali mo! Edukado mga pasahero mo! maniningil ka lang ganyan ka pa! Wala kang modo pati matanda pinapatulan mo!"

Nagsagutan kami, wala daw akong balak magbayad. Hindi daw nya kailangan ang pera ko. Wow! Kaya pala halagang bente uno, naghihimutok sya. 21 pesos! tatakbuhan ko pa? Nakapagbayad na ko, hindi pa rin matahimik ang bunganga ni kuya.

Sabi ni ate sa tabi ko, "dapat jan pinapasikat eh! bastos!"

pinagsabihan ng driver ang kundoktor, "pasahero yun eh. ayusin mo pakikipag usap, magbabayad naman yun"

"hindi yun!" sagot ng walang modong kundoktor.

4. Marami pang sinigawan si kuya na pasahero. Mga pasaherong nakasandal sa upuan habang nakatayo, "huwag kayong sumandal sa upuan! dalawahan yan! sa bintana kayo humarap! Talikuran lang!"

may isang pasaherong sumagot, "paano pag may bababa!? saan dadaan!"

sa laki ng tyan ni kuya, pag dumadaan sya para maningil, naiipit ang mga pasaherong nakatayo pati mga nakaupo nababangga nya! napakasikip talaga!

Parang normal na eksena na sa Pilipinas ang siksikan sa bus, pero hindi pa dyan natapos ang kabastusan ng kundoktor!

Binalikan uli ng kundoktor si nanay sa likod ng bus, may mga bumaba na kaya nakaupo na si nanay, pati ako naka upo na rin. Hanggang sa makababa ako ng bus, naririnig ko pa silang nagsasagutan.

Sabi ni nanay, "Huwag kang nang aaway ng pasahero. Kanina ka pa eh. Lahat na lang inaaway mo" pinapababa pa rin ng bastos na kundoktor si nanay.

Nakapag bayad na ng pamasahe si nanay. Ano pang problema mo kuya?

Sana may aksyon para sa mga kundoktor na walang modo! Hindi marunong makipag usap ng maayos para sa bagay na hindi naman dapat pinag aawayan! Pati matanda pinapatulan. Walang galang!

First time ko makipag away sa bus, public place. Non-sense reason. Totally unreasonable person! I could have let this pass, but he have gotten in to my nerves!

AC Trans ang bus. Plate UVD 698
Commuting on an overcrowded buses and other transportation is an everyday occurrence in the Philippines. If doing it in a regular basis is already a pain, how much more then if you get to encounter rude and disrespectful bus conductors?

The post has since gone viral receiving 3,856 likes and 6,526 shares at the time of writing. 

K-Pop Band Brought A Different Flavor To The Filipino Iconic Song "Anak"

A K-Pop band did an impressive rendition of the iconic song "Anak" popularized by Filipino folk-singer Freddie Aguilar in 1978. They incorporated their rock genre to the song that brought a different flavor for the viewers. 

The lead vocals started singing the song in Tagalog but switched to Korea halfway through the video.

In 1977, "Anak" was a finalist in the Metro Pop Song Festival. And due to its popularity both local and abroad, it was released in 56 countries and in 27 different languages. 

The song became number one in the U.S. for two weeks, has sold 30 million copies and was a world hit in 80's.

The video was first published on Youtube in February 2014 but continues to take netizens by storm as it receives thousands of shares and likes.

[Viral Video] 11 people in a motorcycle, amazing or foolish?

In Southeast Asia some people ride a motorcycle with three, four and even sometimes five people including the driver. Although it is not legal as it spells trouble and danger, this phenomenon happens everyday especially in rural areas. 

But if you think only five people can be taken on a ride by the two-wheel vehicle, then you are wrong!

A video of 11 people riding a motorcycle, yes only one motorcycle, took Facebook by storm. It shows 11 people clinging for their dear lives, particularly the one at the back wearing yellow shirt.

Some people praised the driver for being able to do it like a pro (perhaps he is indeed a pro), while others criticized them for being foolish. Either way, these lads are now famous - or not!

The video was uploaded by Facebook user District Speed, receiving 28,695 likes; 33,565 shares; and 1,059,180 views at the time of writing and in less than 24 hours after it was uploaded.

Watch the motorcycle show below!

Can't even come up with words to describe this..
Posted by District Speed on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Husband knocks out big man for verbally bullying his wife

Don't be too proud of your size. Just because your bigger and stronger doesn't mean you can scare another person, especially if you speak ill about his wife. You don't know what's going to happen and what you're going to get.

This bulky man learned it the hard way when he allegedly said offending words to an attractive, blonde lady. But she wasn't alone. Her husband was there and heard what the big guy in question said.

The husband came to the defense of his wife and confronted the guy, who appears to be delighted of what he did. The wife asked her husband to forget it, saying it's not worth it.

But the husband didn't give it a go in listening to his wife. So, when the defiant big man continues to say things and admitted he indeed was referring to the wife, the husband grabbed a bottle and smashed it hard on the big man's head.